January 6, 2015 by billet

Hot Rods by Boyd Crowbar New To Gotcha Series for 2015

HRBB is proud to announce for 2015 the new Gotcha Series Crowbar. The Crowbar is a directional wheel that incorporates clean sharp lines with a unique directional cut into the top of the spoke. The Crowbar is a true directional wheel so all complete sets with come with lefts and rights. The Crowbar is available in 17-22″ in a range of widths. Like all the other machined HRBB wheels the Crowbar is 100% Made in the USA and made to order for most 5 and 6 lug applications. ┬áIf you need assistance in picking the right size and offset for your vehicle you can give us a call @ 866-612-2693 and you can also use our wheel fitment measuring guides.

Chris Coddington designed Crowbar wheel

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