Rocket Racing Wheels

Nothing short of the best…

The word Classic has been defined as a refined, harmonious style that has lasting significance and enduring design.  You have probably heard the saying that styles come and go, but classics never die.  Inspired by the pas and designed for the future, Rocket Racing Wheels is a brand reminiscent of the 1960s and the golden age of Detroit automotive performance.


Rocket Performance Machine, (RPM) the parent company of Rocket Racing Wheels is helmed by an automotive aftermarket veteran and staffed by a group of dedicated diehard hot rod and muscle car enthusiasts.  RPM is committed to producing the finest collection of classic traditional hot rod designs that will stand out on everything from pre-war hot rods and street rods to pro touring muscle cars and modern muscle machines.


As each Rocket Racing Wheel comes to market, the backspacing and offsets will be carefully chosen and proven to fit on more specific types of muscle car, street rod, hot rods and street machines.  The designers and engineers at Rocket conduct extensive research to provide enthusiasts the ability to pick a perfectly sized set of wheels without breaking the bank or waiting weeks or months for the finished product.


Rocket Racing Wheels are precision crafted from A356 aluminum and are designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S. D.O.T. requirements and SAE standard resulting in strong, lightweight and precision-engineered products.  All Rocket Racing Wheels provide classic looks in multiple finishes including Fully Polished, Full Chrome, Painted Center/Machined Outer as well as As Cast.